Nick + Sondra

Nov 6, 2014

One of my all-time favorite couples is on the blog tonight! As individuals, Sondra and Nick are two incredible people. And together, well, they’re just the best.

Sondra was my college roommate. Bubbly, outgoing, hilariously blunt and always on the go. But seriously, this girl has it all. She’s a fashionable tomboy. A crazy amount of fun, but responsible. Loves making people happy, but holds her ground on all the important things. Creates a jam-packed schedule for herself, but would drop it all in a heartbeat if a friend needed her. And she absolutely adores Nick…

…probably because he’s just as great. And let’s face it, he’d have to be to keep up with the ball of energy called Sondra Monier. He’s the laid-back, go-with-the-flow balance to all her running around. A down-to-earth farm boy who doesn’t know a stranger. He’s that rock she needs. And he does his best to keep her on time. 🙂

Ok, done spewing all my sentimental-ness. And I’m done making up words. Now to the good stuff:

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