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Nov 8, 2015

For the first 18 years or so of my life, I existed in a happy little bubble – I had awesome parents, fun friends, good grades. And for all I knew, that’s how everyone grew up…just like me and my friends.


Then I went to college. I started to look around me. I noticed a lot of people didn’t grow up like I did. They didn’t have parents that gave them unrelenting encouragement. They never heard “you can do it!” when it came to pursuing their dreams, or worse, never even allowed themselves to dream. They were never preached the life lessons my parents (lovingly) shoved down our throats every chance they got. They were never told they could achieve more and be more. Some of them barely had a fighting chance, all because of the environment they grew up in. It just wasn’t fair. And it broke my heart.

For the longest time, I didn’t know what to do about it. I attended the Global Leadership Summit a few months ago, and left yearning to make a difference, to positively contribute to other people’s happiness, however I could. I felt the familiar tug on my heart for the kids who weren’t blessed with the helpful and encouraging parents I was blessed with.

So…what was I going to do? I want kids to dream, and make their dreams a reality. But I’m a photographer and a designer!

Fast forward a few days. I received 3 separate emails from teachers, all wanting posters of my work for their classrooms.

A light bulb moment!

Teachers want posters of my work. I want to spread encouraging, inspirational, practical messages. We could partner together to make this happen!

One problem – it was expensive. If a teacher wanted to put 5 large photo prints in his/her classroom, it would cost $300! How could I make this easier for them? There had to be a better way…What if we print the posters in bulk?! After talking with the printer, researching shipping costs, and running numbers in excel, I’m excited to tell you… instead of paying $300 for 5 large prints, now it’s only $45 for a set of 5 large posters!

Everyone wins! Teachers get the artwork they wanted in their classrooms, and together, we get to put an encouraging message in front of students! After careful consideration of quotes, facts, overall messaging and then designing the posters, I’m so excited to finally launch these!

Posters will be available now through November 30, or until supplies last! These babies are printed and ready to go! 🙂

Keep scrolling down to see enlarged versions! 🙂

Educational Posters (set of 5)


Created to inspire young people, these posters are perfect for ag classrooms, 4-H clubs, school hallways, offices, or even your son or daughter’s bedroom! Pro Tip: buy a set or two and split them up among those locations!

They are sold as a set of 5 posters. Each set will include 1 poster of each design. Poster size is 18×24″. Available now through November 30, or while supplies last.

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