It is Well with my Soul

Nov 30, 2015

When I picture what I love about farm life, an image of combining corn at sunset floods into my mind. There’s dust reflecting golden light. The wind blows hair across my face, broken free from my ponytail.

I take a deep breath and look around, filled with a contentment that makes me feel grateful, inwardly beautiful and whole. And all of a sudden, it’s not about me taking pictures of corn. It’s about God meeting me where I’m at, filling that open field and my soul with His presence, and allowing me to just be. And at that moment, it is well with my soul.

I created this image to put that moment, that feeling in art form. So we can look at this image, and have that it-is-well-with-my-soul moment more often.

This is part of the Farm Faith Collection, a group of deeply meaningful, emotional, and personal pieces, photographed and designed by Erin. This collection, as a whole, was inspired by Erin’s close friend Leah Whittaker, who, while taken from her earthly home at just 19 years old, had the most genuine and heartfelt desire to change this world for Jesus. 40% of all profits from this collection will be donated to further Christ-centered ministries in her name.

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