Oct 11, 2016

I can’t stay away from harvest. We’ve been away from our home in central ND for about 12 days now, first we went up to Bathgate, ND for sugar beat harvest with Garret’s family, now we’re 800 miles away in IL for corn and bean harvest with my family. And it has been so, so good for my soul.

When I moved away from home, some emotional switch got turned on, and if it was possible for my already-sentimental self to get any more sentimental, I did. Times about one-hundred. Now, fall about puts me over the edge.

As I walked across the field, with my dad in the combine and my mom in the truck, sun setting across the place my grandparents live and farmed. My second home. Memories flooded back as I remembered running down that mile-long driveway as a little girl, hopping in the combine as a homesick college kid, and now, returning as a married woman with my husband. I’m probably too young to say this, but I really have no idea where time goes. All I know is that I’m so thankful to be back. Life here is just full of home-lovin’ goodness.




Christian, my brother, has been using this old bulldozer my dad bought at an auction to clear a path for a fence. He plans on getting cows in the next few months, and we’re all so excited!










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