Beeh the Bottle Calf

Mar 27, 2017

This is my brother Christian with his bottle calf named “Beeh”. Beeh wasn’t supposed to have a name, so we didn’t get too attached. But then we started referring to her by the sound of her beller saying things like: “Beeh wants some attention.” “Watch Beeh do this/that.” “How’s Beeh doing?” And now the calf who wasn’t supposed to have a name now has one, and we’re all attached, and I wanted to bring her back to the NoDak with me, but hubs said no. Sigh. We’re novices, apparently.????????‍♀️  But hey, no one can accuse us of not caring, right? ????

Bottle Calf Photo

Bottle Calf Photo  Bottle Calf Photo Bottle Calf Photo

If any of you are wondering, most of the time the calves stay with their mamas, except when the mamas don’t claim the calf as their own. Beeh was a twin and her momma only claimed her brother, leaving her to fend for herself in the cold. So Christian rescued her and became an adoptive mama, feeding Beeh out of a bottle. We like to tease him about that. ???? Bottle Calf Photo

Bottle Calf Photo

Bottle Calf Photo

But soon, we’ll have to part with Beeh the bottle calf and move her back over to the pasture to be with the other calves and the rest of the herd. So Christian’s getting her started on creep feed and a handful of hay after every feeding. Funny thing is that Beeh is attached to him too. She only eats the hay that Christian gives her. My mom did chores for him one day, tried to give Beeh a handful of hay after her bottle, and she spit it out! ????

Bottle Calf Photo

While it’ll be a little sad to turn her loose with the rest of the herd, I think she’s going to like having playmates and grassy hills to romp around in.

Bottle Calf Photo Bottle Calf Photo Bottle Calf Photo

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