No Roots Boots

Jul 15, 2017

You guys. I don’t think I’ve ever been prouder of my little sister. Life hasn’t been all that nice to her lately, yet she’s sailing over those hurdles and finally running the race for herself. She and my brother are the most recent converts to the entrepreneurship life, and we couldn’t be more excited for them. You know, it’s kind of funny (but not by accident) how our businesses are very “us”.

It’s in our


First there’s our parents, farmers, the ultimate entrepreneurs, and relentless encouragers, and the back-breaking workers to help us hit the ground running with our dreams.

I’ve talked about my brother Christian’s cow/calf business before. He’s the patient, steady one of us all. He really likes his “girls”. And they like him.

Garret (my husband) spends his days as a consultant, analyzing markets and talking to farmers. He’s competitive, yet caring and fiercely loyal to his people.

The creative business suits me perfectly. I like the quiet, introspective moments it takes to do my job well, intermixed with times of capturing some of the most wonderful people on this planet.


And then there’s


She’s the spitfire/firecracker/entertainer. She thrives on making people happy, whether that means making us all laugh hysterically with her silly antics, or providing the best customer service in the whole world to the people she serves. I’m not kidding about that. Just read the comments under her posts or the glowing reviews on Facebook. The girl walks her talk. I’ve really, truly never seen anything like it.

She’s the owner/founder of No Roots Boots, a mobile western and fashion boot boutique run out of a 1972 AirStream. It’s everything she is: glam with a beautiful soul, a little funky, a little sparkly, made to endure the bumps in the road (ha!), and always carrying that unmistakable smell of genu-ine leather.

In our family, when someone starts a business, we all do our part. Christian gutted the airstream. Mom, Dad and my Aunt Deena remodeled it. Garret sent encouraging texts and asked important questions. And I did some of the decorating, all the website-designing, and of course, the photo-taking.


No Roots Boots No Roots Boots No Roots Boots No Roots Boots No Roots Boots No Roots Boots No Roots Boots

Check out the No Roots Boots website

for more info and to see where she’ll be traveling to next!




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