Hannah & Shay – Illinois Farm Wedding

Oct 5, 2017

This farm wedding was one of my most favorite weddings ever, the kind that you walk away from all smiles, the kind that you sit in front of your screen scrolling through photos with the goofiest grin plastered all over your face. This day was filled with all the good stuff, all the things that matter. A down-home ceremony and reception that the whole family chipped in to pull off, a bride and groom who have such a true and genuine kind of love, surrounded by family and friends who share in their joy and laughter. Seriously perfect. My heart filled up as I watched Shay be so attentive and thoughtful toward his new wife, and as I watched Hannah look adoringly at her new husband. It’s impossible not to love these two.

The cherry on top of this Sunday (ha!) was that my sweet friend Brooke Alaina Photography came down to photograph this wedding with me. I felt myself getting a little rusty since I’m not in the wedding photography business anymore, and Brooke came to my rescue. So many of these beautiful images are hers. If you’re looking for a photographer who feels like a friend and creates beautiful images, Brooke’s your girl.



Photographed by:

Erin, Grand Vale Creative – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter 

Brooke, Brooke Alaina Photography – Instagram, Facebook, Website

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