Corn Harvest Stock Photos

Oct 13, 2020

I hadn’t planned to go to the field on this day. But when I looked out and saw the rain/sun/rain/sun pattern, I knew I’d get some dynamic corn harvest stock photos.

I had to go. But life isn’t as easy as throwing my camera in the car and running off anymore. 🙈

*Feeds lunch*Gets toddler down for nap*Makes and serves baby a bottle*Packs diaper bag*Packs camera bag*Straps baby into carseat*Runs into house and grabs tripod*Texts work-from-home husband to listen for toddler waking up*Pulls out driveway*

I carried our 30-lb 11 month old on my hip through most of this shoot. But when the pictures look like dreamy-paintings, that’s all the motivation I need. 😄

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