Soybean Harvest Stock Images

Nov 3, 2020

I had requests for stock female farmer photos come in on the stock gallery website, which was the most perfect excuse to go visit my friend Jessi and her family!

You know I only photograph the real deal – and Jessi is it. She puts in a full day’s work for a large ag business, and then heads out to the farm to run the auger wagon or combine. Her sister Kelsey does too. And man, her dad is so proud of his girls.

I think that’s why Jessi and I always got along so well. We both came from families that didn’t treat the girls any differently than the boys. Jessi doesn’t have brothers, and my brother is 5 years younger. We grew up doing all the things that the boys traditionally did – all while being told we could do anything. Drive that tractor. Buck that bale. Walk those beans. Rake that gravel. Pull that antique tractor. Pick out that big truck to be your daily driver. 😂

It was an honor to capture harvest photos for them and grab some female farmer photos for our stock gallery customers.

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