Summertime on the Farm

Jul 26, 2021

Traditional stock photography makes joy look like all big smiles, all the time, but we can detect that fake-ness in a heartbeat. Because sometimes joy is a mischievous smirk. Sometimes it’s hanging out with your mom in the kitchen, or playing catch in the backyard. Sometimes it’s heading out for a ride on the side by side. And if you’re really lucky, joy is running through a soybean field as fast as your little legs can carry you. All those little joyful moments make up summertime evenings for this farm family, and it was an absolute joy to capture them.

Our ordinary lives often don’t feel beautiful. But they are, and showing families their everyday, ordinary beauty never, ever gets old. And then being able to share these stock photos with ag communicators and marketers to correctly, authentically portray the people who are the backbone of agriculture in America, that just makes my whole heart sing.

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